A huge variety of materials are used in the creation of products in the world today. Materials ranging from metals to plastics to foams display an incredible variation in behavior and good product development demands the quantification of this behavior through material properties.

Properties measured for a particular material depend on the end use applications and market segment for which the material has been designed.

TestPaks typically ordered by this industry

Testpak ID Name
mg游艺电子 Moldflow/C-MOLD Post-Filling + Juncture Losses
G-771 LS-DYNA High Speed Tensile Rate Dependent Model (MAT_019 or MAT_024)
G-007 Moldflow/C-MOLD Uncorrected Anisotropic Shrinkage
G-000 Moldflow/C-MOLD Filling
G-114 Moldflow CRIMS Shrinkage
G-002 Moldflow/C-MOLD Post-Filling
G-730 Abaqus Creep Model (*CREEP, LAW=TIME)
G-006 Moldflow/C-MOLD Uncorrected Isotropic Shrinkage
G-115 Moldflow CRIMS Shrinkage + Juncture Losses
U-061 Universal TestPak-Injection Molding of Anisotropic Materials

Tests typically ordered by this industry

Test ID Name
M-204 Tensile Stress-Strain, Strength, and Modulus
M-410 Dynatup Instrumented Impact
M-030 Tensile Strength
M-250 Tensile Creep
R-011 Capillary Rheology (1 Temperature)
R-020 DMA Cone and Plate Dynamic Rheology (1 Temperature)
M-206 Tensile Stress-Strain, Strength, Modulus and Poisson's Ratio
SP-105 Specimen Machining Services
M-232 High Speed Tensile Stress-Strain
R-019 Rheotens Melt Elasticity
Testing for Material Supplier
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